How To Apply

Here at ARDOR Lashes, we care about you! That's why we've created a step-by-step plan for you to follow when it comes to applying and caring for your luxury mink lashes - reusable up to 25x with proper care:

How to Apply:

1. Prep your lashes by curling and/or adding mascara before the lash application.

2. Please make sure to handle your lashes gently. Carefully remove the lashes from the tray by the lash band, without pulling on the individual hairs. 

3. To find the perfect size for you, you may need to cut your lashes. To prevent from cutting the lashes too short, hold them along your eyelid to measure. Once measured, take off the lashes and trim off the extra portion. Do NOT trim the lashes while holding them to your eyes. 

4. Now that your lashes are the perfect fit, it's time to apply ARDOR Lash glue. You can also give the lashes a little bend to make them more flexible. Apply the lash glue to the lash band and let it dry for about 25 seconds. 

5. With your ARDOR Lash applicator, gently place the lash onto the middle of your lid. Once the lash is placed, secure both sides with to get the perfect fit. 

6. Once the glue has dried, press your natural eyelashes together with your cruelty-free minks. Doing this will ensure the perfect blend! Don’t forget to add some mascara on your lower lashes to balance the look and you're all set!


How to Remove ARDOR Lashes:

ARDOR Lashes are cruelty-free mink lashes that can be reused up to 25x's with proper care. In order to remove your false lashes, you may apply some makeup remover to a Q-Tip and run it along your lash line. This will soften the lash band and allow for easy removal. Make sure to peel off any remaining glue residue by holding the lashes at the band instead of the individual hairs.  


If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this matter you may email us at

Stay Safe. Stay Positive. Stay Beautiful.